The Fred Hollows Foundation’s (TFHF) Low Cost Spectacle Scheme (LCSS) was originally conceived as a response to the difficulties faced by residents of remote communities in the Top End in accessing prescribed spectacles.  The access barrier was both geographic, in that people outside the main population centres do not have access to an optical dispenser, and financial as spectacles can be expensive and people on low incomes can face difficulty in paying up-front the full cost of spectacles. 

The delivery of the LCSS requires the participation of multiple players and separate processes occurring to ensure that clients receive quality goods and services in a timely manner i.e. the timely purchase of a correctly prescribed and well-fitted pair of spectacles.  

Access to the LCSS:

The LCSS is available to residents of rural and remote Aboriginal communities throughout the Northern Territory (NT).  Urban Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (TSI) people are also eligible to access the scheme provided they are regular patients of the local Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation (ACCHO).  


Users of the LCSS:

The users of TFHF LCSS are generally those facilitating or coordinating the Outreach Optometry services in the rural and remote communities or the ACHHOs themselves. 

These include but are not limited to:

Residents requiring prescription glasses are advised of the LCSS at the time of their consult with the visiting Optometrist in their home communities.  


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